Monday, May 30, 2011

Which are the Three Main Spiritual Needs of Man

If there was no sun, the earth would be cold and abandoned but with the sun, there is warmth, light and clarity. But if I was blind, I could not perceive this glory, I could not comprehend about color and depth, or about the difference between night and day.

Then, there is not only the sun or the light, not only my eyes but my capacity to appreciate. And all this would begin not only with the appreciation of the outer side as the starting point but the appreciation of my inner self.

If I don’t have confidence, I will not look at the horizon and will not be able to distinguish and much less to know the value of spring, the profound, poetic, mystic and completely real meaning of life.

If I don’t have self affection and self love, I will not be able to love.

How can I appreciate? This is the beginning.

Now, as the second step: The confidence, the security that is built, that is shared, must be developed to the point that we become very close.

I have to believe in the world because it surrounds me with its land, its people, its food, its strength, its peace. And as a vision of solidarity, my blood must be the blood of the people and I must answer to their presence, with happiness and concern. Because if I did not believe, I would not have neither history nor presence. I could never picture myself in the future of others. And it happens when I take refuge in their eyes, in their soul and my soul. Then, confidence is the second step.

The third, necessarily is Love. But the steps don’t have to be separated or one after the other since they are as a flower and its color and aroma that beautify the morning, which brings clarity and expansion and dissipates the shadows. The dew that brings moist to the fields as little diamonds of light in the prairies.

If I don’t love, if I don’t feel, then I don’t exist. I would become useless and will not be able to take, to give. If I can’t give, I can’t receive confidence, credibility, solidarity and Universal Love, which are the paths to meet God.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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